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DJ Illusion has been in the music industry for over 20 years producing, remixing and working alongside 80's British sensation and Imagination lead vocalist Leee John; who's had a big influence in DJ Illusion's music up bringing.

Playing rare 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's grooves, Soul, Funk, Brit Funk, RnB and 80's Electro. DJ Illusion; best known for his floor filling set gives you exactly what you want guaranteeing to have his audience stepping back in time. Illusion has been a radio presenter with his famous Flashback Show on the iconic Crackers Radio station from the start formed by the legendery George Power (founder of Kiss FM) and has interviewed the likes of Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar), Leee John (Imagination), Delroy Murray (Total Contrast), Noel McKoy (British Collective), Camelle Hinds (Central Line) and E Chris; the RnB hustler from New York among others.

Most recently DJ Illusion has featured on Em City World's global radio station by DJ Nabs of which Jai Certified also works alongside. Nabs was the music director and DJ for Kris Kross, toured with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ciara and worked alongside Kurtis Blow, Wyclef Jean and Ludacris on his "In The Lab with DJ Nabs" the live album on Columbia Records.

I am so grateful to be featured on Em City World. Nabs has contributed so much to the music scene and been a pioneer in so many ways, he has been pivotal to the growth of many artists and movements in music and it's an honour to be featured on the station.

DJ Illusion has had lots of wonderful feedback from various artists he has done megamixes on such as David Grant from the band Linx who went on to say:

"This is amazing, you are a real Brit Funk connoisseur. People don't even know these tunes unless they really knew the scene, I am deeply impressed both with your choices and the order. So much time, love and attention went into this and I am really appreciative"

DJ Illusion's Flashback Show has become a staple in radio which has become incredibly popular as the show evolved.

I have always been into 70's, 80's, 90's Soul, Funk, Rare Groove and RnB.
I love the music as it always brings happiness and love to people.

The music of the era is timeless and everlasting, it's music for the heart and soul.

DJ Illusion


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